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- A & B Lender
- Private Lender
- Private Mortgage
- Home Purchase
- Second Mortgage (2nd Mortgage)
- Third Mortgage (3rd Mortgage)
- Refinance
- Equity Take Out/ Home Equity Loan
- Debt Consolidation/ Home Renovation
- STOP Power of Sale / Foreclosure
- Income Tax Arrears/ Mortgage Arrears
- Property Tax Arrears/ Consumer Proposal
- Low/ No income= OK
- Bad Credit= OK
- Self Employed= OK
- Low Interest Rates & Low Fees
- Up To 90% LTV Approved

- Quick Quotes
- Fast Approvals
- Fast Closing (24-48 Hours)

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Shawn Sef
Mortgage Agent
Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc.
Brokerage 12340 | #M19002267
Cell: 647-865-9545

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