New Beginnings Thai Yoga Massage

Looking for something a little different than a traditional massage? Why not give Thai Yoga Massage a shot!

Thai Yoga Massage is a gentle and rhythmic active massage; traditionally performed on the floor. You can expect to find yourself lying on a padded mat as I guide you through a variety of stretches and yoga poses while applying rhythmic pressure (without any oils or lotions) to various points on your body. When your body is placed in these stretches, we are able to massage muscles and tissues that aren't typically accessible to be massaged when you're laying more passively on your back, or your belly. As a result, you will benefit with enhanced energy flow and improved circulation, which improves oxygen flow and the transfer of nutrients to your body. You may also notice temporary relief from chronic pain, an overall sense of calm AND rejuvenation, and with regular treatments you can expect improved flexibility and mobility making you less susceptible to injuries.

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