Digital Pilot Truck Sign

Digital Pilot Truck Sign No more getting out in the cold weather to change the message on your sign. This is a fully programmable LED sign controlled by an app on your cell phone. Change the message instantly, you can pre-program your digital image from a list of messages such as: Oversize Load, D sign, 40' Wide Load, Stop, or Slow. You can finally let traffic know precisely how wide your load is, for example say 40' Wide Load and then display the D sign. This is the perfect play list for house movers that are tired of traffic trying to push their luck. Check out our video at: https://youtu.be/K8nujKdijxs to see the digital pilot truck at work. Regular pilot truck signs have a viewing distance of 50m where our digital pilot truck sign can be seen for up to 175m away, which improves highway safety. For more information please visit our website www.verbalized.ca Email: verbalizedsignsltd@gmail.com Call or text anytime 780-999-1969 Keywords: Portable Changeable Message Signs, Variable Message Signs, Pilot truck, Digital Pilot truck, Verbalized, LED, Solar, matrix Variable message sign, trailer mounted sign, Vehicle mounted message board, work zones, multi-purpose message signs, Edmonton, Calgary, Fort Mcmurray, Toronto, Winnipeg, Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Winnipeg, Quebec, Montreal, PEI. $0 Please Contact

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