LOST KITTY: Short Ave by St Pe...

LOST KITTY: Short Ave by St Peter, Lindsay. "Kitten" intact male, many stripes, bit white chest, blended orange/gray/black, white boots 705-878-3785 LOST KITTY: Angeline St N/Flavelle, Lindsay "Mister", neutered, black male, short hair but long cat, 2.5 y/o, white spot on belly, M/C 705-328-5543 LOST KITTY: Elm Tree/Cambray Rd area. "Oreo", 2 y/o male, intact no m/c,unique markings black/white with distinct black spot mid tail 705-374-4146 LOST KITTY: Terry St/Queen/Mount Nebo Rd, Omemee. "Jensen" 9 months old, neutered orange tabby, white tip tail, friendly 705-974-2019 LOST KITTY: Goodman/Baker Rd, Rosedale, Fenelon Falls "Tiger" brown nose with white/brown tabby markings, neutered, red plaid collar/bell 705-878-2824 LOST KITTY: Kenrei/Angeline St N, Lindsay "Chappoe", all gray, intact 2 y/o male,green eyes 705-493-2952 LOST KITTY: Ogemah/Ramsay Rd, Little Britain "Munchkin", 8 y/o male long haired white/gray tabby, green eyes, has m/c 705-786-2675 LOST KITTY: McGibbon/Laurent Blvd west Angeline St S. "Scooter", neutered 2 y/o male, black/white tuxedo, new to area 289-221-1561


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