ANTIQUE AUCTION SALE To be held at the Plattsville Arena 68 Mill St. in Plattsville for Doris Glendinning and the estate of the late Robert Glendinning on Sat. August 19th at 9:30 am ANTIQUES AND COLLECTABLES: large collection of Stanely tools and Stanley miscellaneous including: Stanley planes #1 (Sweet heart extremely rare); #71; #78; #130; #45; #82 rare; #71 ½; #7; #12; Stanley #116 mitre box; Stanley tool guide book and other assorted Stanley books; Stanley brace; Stanley hand drill; Stanley wood tool cabinet; approx. 10 block planes; old rules; Wareworth Paramelle #1 pipe clamp rare; carved wood plane; numerous hand drills; levels; old drill press; markers; brace and bits; draw knives; woodbits; stapler; old wrenches; stone sharpeners; hand saws; and other old tools; childs sleigh; Fire Chief pedal car; large display chest with showcase drawers unique; broad axe; ice tongs; cedar; lightning rod; hay knife; Fairbanks pig scale; milk bottles including Oxford; Cockerton; Silverwoods; Parkers; Cream topper with spoon; milk bottle carrying case; horse bells; old pad locks; egg scales; egg beater and jar; Blue Ribbon jars; enamel and graniteware; hoosier salt, sugar, flour, and pepper jars; blow torch; cigar boxes; old tins; quantity of oil lamps; hanging lamp; miniature oil lamps; hockey photos; hunting knife; iron trivets; match box holder; carpenters box rare; wooden butter bowl, press, and spoon; 4 stacking barristers book case with top and bottom; wardrobe; cuckoo clock; hump back trunk;; Schneider's collectables including: Schneider's pails; pork tail jar rare; shortening pails; wicker baskets; Crispy flakes tin; pig tail pails; tractor trailers; knapsack; cooler bags; and other Schneider miscellaneous; crocks; jugs; pottery pieces; variety of old books including H.S. Howland and Son Hardware book Toronto; children's books; readers; etc; single wardrobe; magazine rack; old cookbooks; antique guns, Beatty washtub stand; door handles and locks; Cluthe Tools metal sign and other metal sign; galvanized washtub; half moon table; artwork; prints; woodenware; kitchenware; cast iron dipper and other cast iron pieces; miniature tool set; cast iron glue pot; boiler; quantity of good glass and china including depression; crystal; fancy bowls; large salter collection; salt and pepper collection; paper weights; glass bell collection; Cobalt blue; hobnail milk glass; ruby red; old windows; sharpening stone on stand; oil lamp parts and miscellaneous; and many many other interesting items out of this estate auction. Jantzi Auctions Ltd. Wellesley 519 656 3555 www.jantziauctions.com


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