Trainor Family Reunion August 7th

The Trainor family whose Island roots are in Watervale PEI and the parish of Vernon River held a family reunion Sunday August 7, 2016. Louis Trainor married Irene Grimes and they had 12 children. The offspring number about 90 now and family came from all over Canada to celebrate. There was a morning mass at the Vernon River Church followed by a grave visitation to Irene and Louis's resting place and to Gus's grave, the oldest son. Then it was off to the church hall for a wonderful lunch (Thanks May and ladies). No beans and molasses were served. Then it was off to Donna and Eddy's home who continue to live on the Trainor family homestead in Watervale. They hosted the whole crew for some more fun and celebration. A wonderful time was had by all and a special thanks for the family who put this together. We will see you down the road. Submitted by Viola Morris.

310-18 Wanless Ave

(416) 899-1544

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