HERITAGE MERIT AND APPRECIATION AWARDS CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - TOWN OF MIDLAND - The Heritage Merit Awards, established in 1994, recognizes property owners that have made a valuable contribution to conserving and maintaining the Town's built heritage by restoring and preserving a building or structure in keeping with its original architectural design. The awards are presented in order to honour those who have preserved the Town's heritage. The Heritage Appreciation Awards, established in 2009, recognize individuals or organizations that have played a significant role in the promotion or conservation of heritage in the Town of Midland. Details on the Heritage Merit Awards and the Heritage Appreciation Awards, including submission requirements and evaluation criteria, are available on the Town's website at If you have any questions or wish to submit a written nomination, please forward to: Midland Heritage Committee 575 Dominion Avenue Midland, ON L4R 1R2 Attn: Angela Zhao Nominations will be received on or before March 12, 2019. We thank everyone for their nominations, however, only award winners will be contacted.


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