Sean Foster Raymond

2016 Hfx. No. 453017 Supreme Court of Nova Scotia Between: Scotia Mortgage Corporation Plaintiff and Sean Foster Raymond Defendant NOTICE OF ACTION FOR DEBT To: Sean Foster Raymond TAKE NOTICE That the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia has granted the Plaintiff's Motion seeking an Order for substituted service as against the Defendant, Sean Foster Raymond. AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE That the Plaintiff may continue its Notice of Action for Debt against you without further notice to you unless within thirty (30) days from the date of this newspaper, you or your solicitor file a Defence with the office of the Prothonotary of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia located at 1815 Upper Water Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and provide a copy to the undersigned. Please contact the undersigned should you require a copy of the Notice of Action for Debt and Statement of Claim. Signed: STEPHEN KINGSTON McInnes Cooper 1300-1969 Upper Water Street Halifax NS B3J 2V1 Phone: 902-425-6500 Fax: 902-425-6350


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