PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereb...

PUBLIC NOTICE Notice is hereby given to 7216203 Canada Inc., 5809 Gant Crescent, Mississauga, ON, L5V 2T3, to take delivery at the office of the Court of Quebec, Small Claims Division in the district of Montreal situated at 1 Notre-Dame Est # 1.04, Montreal, Quebec, H2Y 1B6, 30 days in order to receive the originating application left there in your name. You must answer the application within the time specified in the summons attached to it, failing which a default judgment may be rendered against you and you may have to pay the legal costs. This notice is published under an order rendered on October 12, 2016 by the clerk in case number 500-32-153382-165. It will not be published again, unless required by the circumstances. DATED, Montreal, on October 12, 2016. Marioara Albastroiu Clerk of the Court of Quebec


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