NOTICE OF A PUBLIC MEETING FOR A ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT FOR THE TOWNSHIP OF STRONG TAKE NOTICE that The Township of Strong currently has in place zoning provisions as well as licensing regulations for recreational trailers and the Township wishes to update the Comprehensive Zoning By-law and the Trailer Licensing By-law to ensure consistency between the two by-laws and their appurtenant regulations. DATE AND LOCATION OF PUBLIC MEETING Date: Tuesday , November 8th, 2016 Public Meeting: 7:00 pm Location: Township of Strong Municipal Office, 28 Municipal Lane SUMMARY OF THE PROPOSED ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT The Zoning By-law permits recreational vehicles and trailers in certain zones. The Trailer Licensing By-law establishes licensing requirements to utilize recreational vehicles and trailers. The proposed Zoning By-law Amendment would permit the storage of recreational trailers as an accessory use and would restrict the size of accessory buildings and structures for recreational trailers. The proposed zoning amendment would also establish current and contemporary definitions for dwelling types such as mobile homes and modular homes, as well recreational trailers such as park model trailers. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION There is no key map given that the Zoning By-law Amendment affects the majority of lands within the Township of Strong. However, the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment can be downloaded from the Township of Strong website or may be viewed at the Township office during regular business hours. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that sufficient information is made available to enable the public to generally understand the proposed changes to the Zoning By-law that is being considered by Council. Any person who attends the meeting shall be afforded an opportunity to make comments on the draft Zoning By-law Amendment. Council will then use the information collected at this meeting to make a decision at a future meeting as to whether the Zoning By-law Amendment is appropriate for adoption or requires further modifications. If you wish to be notified of the decision of the Council for the Corporation of the Township of Strong in respect to the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, you must submit a written request (with forwarding addresses) to the Clerk of the Township of Strong at Box 1120, 28 Municipal Lane, Sundridge, Ontario, P0A 1Z0, Telephone (705) 384-5819. If a person or public body files an appeal of a decision of the Council for the Corporation of the Township of Strong, in respect of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment but does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to Council before the proposed amendment is adopted, the Ontario Municipal Board may dismiss all or part of the appeal. Mailing Date of this Notice: October 5th, 2016 Linda Maurer ________________________________ Linda Maurer, Clerk Township of Strong


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