Municipal Property for Sale

THE CORPORATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF WHITESTONE Municipal Property for Sale Vacant Land - Part Lot 42 Concession A Hagerman The Corporation of the Municipality of Whitestone invites Offers to Purchase for the following property, which is owned by the Municipality: PT LT 42 CON A HAGERMAN PT 2 42R5966; WHITESTONE being all of PIN 52089- 0396 (LT) Zoning The lands are currently zoned RU. Information on Property The property is vacant land. Conditions of Sale 1. All Offers must be submitted in the Municipality's form which can be obtained at the Municipal Office of The Corporation of the Municipality of Whitestone, 21 Church St, Dunchurch, ON P0A 1G0, or by facsimile, and must be received at the Municipality's Offices before 12:00 noon on May 14, 2018, in a sealed envelope clearly marked "Offer to Purchase, Vacant Land, Part Lot 42, Concession A Hagerman." 2. The minimum amount of any Offer to Purchase must be $50,000.00. 3. The Municipality may not accept any Offer received and reserves the right to negotiate with any Offerer. The Corporation of the Municipality of Whitestone 21 Church St. Dunchurch, ON P0A 1G0 Telephone: (705) 389-2466 Facsimile: (705) 389-1855


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