Audition for a part in Tipling Stage Company's "On Golden Pond" by Ernest Thompson Wednesday, November 2nd at 7:00 pm at Grace Tipling Hall, Shelburne. Directed by Bev Nicholas. Three men, two women and a boy will be cast: Norman Thayer. 79, a retired professor. Ethel Thayer. 69, his wife. Charlie Martin. 40s, the local mailman. Chelsea Thayer Wayne. 40s, the Thayers' daughter. Billy Ray 13, Chelsea's fiance's son. Bill Ray 40s, Chelsea's dentist fiance. Rehearsals will run Sundays 1:00 pm and Wednesdays and/or Thursdays 7:00 pm November 6th to January19th, plus tech week January 23rd to 26th. Performances are 8:00 pm January 27th and 28th, February 3rd and 4th, and 2:00 pm January 29th. Ethel and Norman Thayer come to their summer home on Golden Pond for the 48th year planning to celebrate Norman's 80th birthday. Tired and preoccupied with the death of some friends, Norman talks a lot about his own impending demise, making wry jokes about it and unsettling everyone around him. Two events re-vitalize him, however. Their divorced, middle-aged daughter pays a surprise visit and they have the heart-to-heart that they never had. Then, when she goes off to Europe with her new boyfriend, his thirteen-year-old son is left behind to spend the summer on Golden Pond. The boy quickly becomes the grandchild Norman always wanted, and he revels in taking the boy fishing and telling him what to read. He also learns some lessons himself about 1970s' teenage awareness and its current slang. As the summer wanes, a mild heart attack brings Norman and Ethel even closer together and, while they know that time is now against them, the years have been good to then and they look to having yet another summer on Golden Pond.


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