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Clear Garbage Bag Program Effective January 1, 2017 The Municipality of Trent Lakes will be initiating a Mandatory Clear Garbage Bag Program to commence January 1, 2017. Garbage bags must be transparent so the contents within are visible to Site Attendants. Residents are permitted a small "privacy bag" within each clear bag to enable the disposal of personal items. Together we can make a difference. We encourage our residents to recycle more material which will help us to divert waste from our Transfer Station sites. Goals and objectives of the program: - Increased tonnage of materials diverted from the landfill; - Increased participation rates for the following Recycling Programs: o Blue Box Recycling o Backyard Composting o Organics (Buckhorn Site) o Waste Electronics Recycling (Buckhorn and Bobcaygeon Sites) o Textiles o Household Battery Recycling o Seasonal Household Hazardous Waste (Buckhorn Site) Year Round Hazardous Waste on Pido Road o Alcohol Containers o Reuse Centres Digesters, Composters, and Recycling Bins are available for purchase at the Municipal Office. We thank you for your cooperation. For more information, including our FAQ and a list of retailers that sell clear garbage bags, visit our website at www.trentlakes.ca or contact the Municipal Office 705-738-3800 or 1-800-374-4009


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