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Lost Cockatiel - $500 Reward

My Cockatiel Chico flew away from home on the morning of April 21, 2016 from Mulock & Bayview area Newmarket. She is very friendly and loves people. S...

Missing Cockatoo

White Goffin Cockatoo lost near Centre / Wm Pkwy on the Etobicoke Creek Trail. Please contact is seen. I have had this bird for 24 years and miss him.

Sun Conure Parrot

7 month old Sun Conure. "Mango" Beautiful, affectionate and playful. Unable to keep due to health reasons. includes cage, toys and food. $400

  • $400

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NOTICE TO SELLERS: YourClassifeds.ca will remove ads that are considered fraudulent; are suspected of advertising animals that were bred irresponsibly, for fighting or for stud services.

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