Sweet, handfed African Grey Congo ready

ONE PAIR Of Hand Tamed African Grey birds Male And Female available, Bird, African Greys, One pair Of Hand Tamed African Grey birds Male And Female f...

home raised Hyacinth macaw babies for sale

We are specialized in hand raising various kinds of parrots like macaws,cockatoos,african greys,etc. We also have their fertile eggs available. contac...

Excellent Pair of Umbrella cockatoo parrots

They have a very Good vocabulary, excellent at voice commands and are great with kids and other pets. they are raised with much love and socialization...

Congo African Grey Parrot For Adoption,

Talkative,healthy,comical & well socialized with kids and other house hold pets and have been DNA tested. They will come with a cage, all playing toys...

talking african grey parrot and other beautiful african birds

these are one of the most amazing creatures of nature . they are just to amazing especially in the early morning when they sing and you cannot afford ...

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Are you thinking about purchasing a pet from YourClassifieds.ca?

Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers in the world of pet sales. We try our best to remove fraudulent ads however please take caution. If the deal seems too good - it probably is. Make sure you see for yourself. When purchasing a pet you should always inspect where the pet/parents live. If the seller will not let you meet and see where the pet lives prior to the exchange of any money than our advice is to walk away.

NOTICE TO SELLERS: YourClassifeds.ca will remove ads that are considered fraudulent; are suspected of advertising animals that were bred irresponsibly, for fighting or for stud services.

Didn't find the right pet on YourClassifieds.ca?

Click Here to see a list of Ontario shelters, kennels and breeders. Remember to spay / neuter your pet.

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