Solar Powered Hydraulic Trailer Mounted Construction Sign

Buy or Rent to Promote your business! This sign is not only good for construction companies but because of our high resolution you may also use it to promote your business. The sign is capable of graphics, boarders, and other eye catching designs. Better than the rest, better resolution, you can update the sign using your cell phone and activate your pre set messages using voice commands. Features: - Graphic capability - 360 degree motorized telescopic mast - Quick message selection - Lockable cabinets - Password protection - Powder coat paint - Hydraulic mast - Photocell auto dimming - Solar Array motorized (tracks the sun via sensors) Trailer specs provided with quote. Our prices are the lowest in the industry and best of all, you no longer need to have to face the weather you can program the sign with our user friendly cell phone application. The mast and solar array can be remotely controlled using our Verbalized Application via 3G/Wi-Fi. Now with the Verbalized cell phone app, you can raise your sign, remotely turn the sign in the direction needed, and then by tapping the solar array icon the solar panels will track the sun automatically. To place an order and for more information please visit www.verbalized.ca Email: verbalizedsignsltd@gmail.com Call or text anytime 780-999-1969 $0 Please Contact

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