PFEIL, William Scott August 1...

PFEIL, William Scott August 15, 1997-December 27, 2016. My son, you were taken so young, only 19. You are missed by so many, your brother Kristopher, gramma Margo, eric, your brat of a cat Chester, friends and family, coworkers and customers. A huge piece of me left the day of your tragic accident. Life will never be the same without you william, I hold you in tight in my heart forever, until we meet again, know I love you with all of my heart and treasure your poem to me. Love mom xoxo The William Butterfly A butterfly is beautiful and makes you feel free. It makes you feel joy and puts a smile on your face. The William Butterfly has even more special meanings. It to puts a smile on your face, it lets you remember past birthdays,holidays and fun times spent together. It gives you a sense of well being and love. When the light from your window shines upon it, remember those times and know that I am close. When it moves it's me telling you I am here and I love you. I will always be in your heart, and you in mine. The warmth you feel inside you is me, always a part of you. Until we meet again, take joy in my butterfly and know I love you!!


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