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ANGELONE, Frankie Jr. Anthony January 8, 2014 Ciao, Frankie, Sunday marked the fourth year you left us without saying goodbye. I love you, I miss you. The love of my life, my little angel. We know you are happy because you joined your big brother Omar. I know some day we will be forever again and you will pick me up with the red Ferrari Testa Rossa. Mio Tesoro, remember you, it's easy, but to forget you is very hard. You left lots of memories behind. When I go in your room, in your office I can hear you say "Be brave, Mamma, don't cry, I love you and we will be forever again, Mamma, you know that." I can hear the words you used to call me, "La Mamma E' Sempre La Mamma E' Mamma Bella." Remembering you as a good student, good respect for everybody. Everybody loved you and misses you. The people remember you as generous, kind and with love for your family and faith with God. Thank you, Frankie, for being my son, I am very proud of you and I feel privileged to have a son like you. Your family misses you, sweetheart. I miss the trips you took with me to Italy, breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Ferrari restaurant called "Cavallino." Missing you introducing me to celebrities. All your friends call me and miss you a lot and keep you in their hearts forever. People stop and talk to me about how brave you are and bless you forever. Frankie, every day I say good morning to you and every night I say goodnight. Your Christmas gifts are still here because there was no time for you to put them away. Daddy's watching the Ottawa Senators, your favourite team and he cheers for you. Like always you say, "The dreams are not too big" and my dream is some day I am going to hug you again and hold your hand for eternal life together. Keep tight because some day we'll meet again. ~ Love, Mom, Papà and Family xxoo


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