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Cowboy for hire, specialize in

Cowboy for hire, specialize in daily chores, relief milker, herds man, field worker, operator case rating, dehorning, vaccinating, calving, raising ca...

Organic barley straw, in small

Organic barley straw, in small square bales; fall rye seed, cleaned. 613-257-5047.

Fluval G3 Filter Media

Fluval G3 Media Biological, Plastic Sleeve, Nitrate Absorbing Cartridge, Waste Absorbing Cartridge, Fine Pre-filter, Phosphate Cartridge All new an...

  • $30
Future steel building, round d

Future steel building, round dome, 25' wideX35' longX16' high (high rise), open front for your own doors, still on pallet, 5 years old, never built, 3...

STANDING HAY, Fencing materials

STANDING HAY approximately 8 acres. Fencing material: 4"x4"x10ft pressure treated posts (40) 2"x4"x8ft pressure treated 2x4s (approximately 50) (New m...

  • $0
133 Acres, 67 cleared, adjacen

133 Acres, 67 cleared, adjacent to golf course, west of South Mountain, no buildings $430,000 email: ea750@ncf.ca


WHEAT STRAW for sale - in wind rows. Call: 705-878-6578 or 705-328-5161

  • $0
Searching for old post and bea

Searching for old post and beam barn to dismantle and relocate. Minimum 30'x40' preference 50'x100'+. 613-915-3949.

Wanted used or nearly new catt

Wanted used or nearly new cattle headgate with side opening. 613-267-6573.

FIRST CUT HAY. Big & small squ

FIRST CUT HAY. Big & small squares. No rain. 519-670-2838

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